Why do some people get a promotion while others get made redundant?

What do they know that you don't?

Master the strategy that top performers use to turn disruptive technologies into incredible advantages, successful career opportunities and lasting happiness


Hi, I'm Alex Shoolman.

Hundreds of thousands of people from over 150 countries have read my material and improved their finances, technical abilities and lives for the better.

So why DO some people get promotions while others get made redundant?

Why are they happier, less stressed and more successful too?

Most just shrug it off and assume it's luck even though we know it's not.

Some claim it's totally unfair and try to argue about it but usually it's never under our control.

Maybe the entire industry is in decline or the company just can't compete with other businesses that offer cheaper and better products.

It's not how smart they are as there's a lot of very intelligent people out there that still get made redundant.

So why do some people with ordinary intelligence that work just as hard as everyone else get promotions, move up the chain quicker and end up richer than everyone else?

When I was starting University many years ago I always knew I wanted to do something in Science or Engineering. While I ended up doing both, I still had to choose what field I would go into. I'd listen to all the advice from teachers and my parents but it didn't help. There were too many choices, too many options and I didn't have any real idea about what each field was really like.

The more I tried to investigate the harder and more complex it became.

It wasn't just that decision either, later on in life after completing my degrees and even getting a job I still questioned what I wanted to do with my career and life. I'd read posts on how to "find your passion" or discover your true calling - whatever the hell that means.

But let's be honest.

Even if you are one of the lucky few and honestly know what your dream job is, technology and automation is moving so quickly these days that it's very difficult to maintain a stable career without being made redundant.

Even if you are super hard working, intelligent and dedicated it can all mean nothing if your business or entire industry is rocked by one of the many disruptions that have already taken place over the past few decades.

It didn't matter how amazing you were at running a Blockbuster store... they're gone now.

You could have been the best Project Manager at Nokia... but they're now a sliver of what they once were.

Even entire industries like Hotel Accommodation or the mighty Taxi industry have felt the harsh realities of what a slick App like Airbnb or Uber can do and let's not even get started on workers in the Coal Industry.

The fact is talent, intelligence and luck do make a difference but for most people there's a key part missing.

How Do You Predict The Future?

How can you ensure that the job you have, the company you're working at won't all of a sudden be rocked by a fancy new App or amazing technology that changes everything overnight?

I wanted to know so that I could stop worrying about how secure my job was. The thought of being completely blindsided and having to start all over again because some new invention made my position redundant terrified me!

I'd worked hard to get to where I was. Thinking about loosing my job made my stomach nauseous.

So I researched all the current and potential future technologies out there. I read book after book on Genetics, Drones, Cryptocurrency, Electric Vehicles, Self-Driving Cars, Rockets, Smartphones, Cloud Systems, Internet development and proliferation, Smart Homes and even taught myself from scratch how to build Convolutional Neural Networks to really understand Machine Learning and AI. I then started to look at what the people that were continued to be employed long term where doing.

And what I found out surprised me.

Some people were positive that their job was secure but it turned out they were OBLIVIOUS!

They'd say things like "Oh a computer could never do MY job!" and laugh it off, even though their job was already being replaced by machines in other companies at that time!

Others simply got angry and cried out for the government to "do something about it" like when Uber plunged the value of Taxi licenses by over half, wiping out peoples retirement funds they'd been working on for decades.

Entire industries would time and time again try and fight to delay the huge disruptions only to loose and be devastated a few years later. Industries that produce Music, Phones, TV Shows and Movies, Newspapers and more.

If multi-billion dollar companies like Kodak or Nokia fought and failed miserably to fend off changes in technology what hope could any of us have!?

I'd like to share two colossal realisations that totally took me by surprise.

Colossal Realisation #1: People Have No Idea What Robots Are Or That They're Already Here

We all know what a robot is right?

They're the humanoid machines from the future like Star Trek's Data or the Terminator! They're all socially awkward, can't replicate human feelings and desperately want to become like us (or kill us).

When anyone suggests that a robot or machine could do our job we get very defensive.

  • We start listing the reasons why it'd be impossible for a machine to do our job
  • We tell ourselves that our job is incredibly complicated and nuanced and cannot be automated
  • We're sure that the customers would much rather deal with a real human than a stupid machine

We know that the technology to do our job isn't available yet so our job must be secure.

You're basically saying "I'm too important and smart plus it's something for future me to worry about". Then you promptly forget about it because it's unsettling to know that the dreaded "automation" is staring you down.

Top performers - the ones that continue to have stable employment throughout industry level disruptions - don't dismiss technology so easily. They have the tools and knowledge to know when significant disruption is coming and a plan in place to avoid it before it threatens their job.

They also respect automation and take it's threat very seriously because they know it's not something that will happen in the future, it's something that has been ongoing now for decades.

They also know that you cannot stop automation or technology from disrupting your job, you can only at best hope to slow it down.

Colossal Realisation #2: No One Has A Silver Bullet Solution For This HUGE Problem

When I first started researching I was sure that there was an easy fix for this problem given how huge it is. If it's been affecting millions of people for decades surely there's a way to fix it right?

I kept reading technology overviews that described a future of huge job losses, millions being unemployable and rich people getting even richer as their profits soared. Throughout all of it they were happy to foretell of an apocalyptic future where 80% of the workforce is unemployed... but none came up with anything that could fix it besides huge welfare handouts. It turned out though that I was looking for a silver bullet to the solution.

This is a very common thing that most people do. They try and find the "quick tip" or "life hack" that can solve all their problems in one foul swoop.

  • Wining the lottery to become instantly rich and famous
  • Buying the sexy red sports car to be attractive to women
  • Getting a hair and nail treatment so you can feel beautiful and special inside

But this way of thinking ignores the facts.

People and Businesses will do what's best for them and only them. We cannot rely on a company an industry or even the government to fix this for us. This is your career and main income source we're talking about! Without it life becomes dreadfully difficult and it can be impossible to recover from something like your entire industry being made irrelevant.

The worst part is that we know this future is coming!

Deep down for the ones that know about the technology and can see the progress machines are making they know that what these futurists are telling us is almost certainly true!

We know machines have replaced factory workers. We know robots are being built now with better and better capabilities. We know AI is getting more and more advanced and that it's just a matter of time but without a silver bullet to fix all our problems we ignore it.

It's not that we don't think it's a serious problem it's that we're helpless on how to fix it.

Do you really want to be stressed about having your job taken by a machine for the rest of your life?

Do you really want to get called into the office one day and be told you're no longer needed because they bought some software that can do your job 10x faster and more accurately?

What if instead you had a strategy that meant you'd never face something like that? A way to stay up to date with all the potential technology that blindsides companies and industries and be able to use it to not just stay employed in the future, but have a higher chance of getting promotions and becoming richer too.

THE SOLUTION: Top Performers Know How To Stay One Step Ahead Of Everybody

After studying all the new technologies, how each of them works, the current stages they're in as well as many other factors such as how much of an impact they'll make or which jobs are most likely to be disrupted I went even further.

I created a map outlining when each of the technologies might reasonably come online and how they might interact with one another to produce other major disruptions. It's called The Technology Forecaster and you can have free access to it here right now.

Some of the biggest disruptions haven't come from the new technology, but the combination of a new technology with already well established ones.

As an example of this, imagine a company like Uber trying to do what it has done if mobile phones with GPS in them wasn't as common as it is today. It just wouldn't have been possible and the whole idea wouldn't have worked or disrupted the taxi industry.

After all this investigation I now want to share with you how top performers monitor the huge array of technology that's out there and then break it down so they can see whether or not it will be an issue in the future.

Other people stick their heads in the sand, dismiss technologies progress and assume that it won't affect them ever.

Top performers continuously know if there's any technologies that might threaten their job and can even use this information to help their own business or impress the boss at work.

They know that if they just sit around and pretend like it's not a huge issue that one day they'll get a call from the boss asking them to "have a chat" in the office where they make everyone redundant.

They know how to use the disruptions to their own advantage and stay one step ahead of everybody else.

I want to teach that to you too, so you can stop being stressed and worried. So you can be the one that gets a better job instead of being made redundant and so you end up living a happier, healthier and richer life.

"Great overview of how to prepare myself"

Certainly a great overview of what disruption we are up to in the near future, how it will affect my current job & profession, and how to prepare myself for a transition, if needed.

Thank you Alex for spending your time and effort in putting all the pieces of information together for us in this course. - PETER


A Simple Strategy To Always Staying Employed

I believe that using technology and putting effort into the right things can help change a person's life forever, leading them to live a richer, healthier and happier life. For many though, the future has a lot of uncertainty in it with the unavoidable reality that many will lose their job to automation.

If this course helps you to avoid a lost job, it will have paid for itself 1,000 times over.

Using a simple four part strategy I teach how to discover these new technologies and figure out if your job is going to be disrupted very early on. I demonstrate in multiple different examples how to use this strategy to always have a fantastic and secure job for the future. No matter what career you're in, no matter how much experience you have, no matter what job you're looking for.

That way you can continue to stay employed as the world develops around you, growing richer and staying happier for longer.

LESS WORRYING: Never be made redundant again!

A RICHER LIFE: Recognise disruptive tech and use it to your advantage

MORE CONFIDENCE: Learn to distinguish between disruptive and useless technologies

A STEP AHEAD: Get critical insights into new tech early on that improves your work and life

INSIGHT: Know years in advance of everyone else what issues your job might have

Being made redundant by your company can not only cost you tens of thousands of dollars, it can also be severely depressing and damaging emotionally.

This course can not only help to prevent this horrible scenario from ever happening, but will also enable you to find out about fantastic new technologies that can help you become more efficient or open up opportunities that you never even knew existed.

How To Stay Employed In The Robotic Future is brought to you by Alex, an Engineer, Scientist and technology writer that has been helping people get the best out of technology and finances for over 5 years.

Thousands of students from hundreds of countries all over the world!

With simple steps and clear demonstrations you can learn how to discover emerging technologies, become an expert on them and assess whether or not they will be a threat to your job. With hours and hours of one on one videos you'll learn exactly how to setup the right systems and the precise strategy behind ensuring you never get taken by surprise again.

This course can help you save TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, a huge amount of long term stress and emotional trauma all by preventing you from being made redundant even just ONCE in your lifetime.

Best of all, this course will be with you right from the basics, all the way up to advanced strategy and will lead to a more relaxing, calmer life without you worrying about being given the boot day after day.

What You Will Get

  • 5+ Hours of Full HD videos with the entire strategy - all fully downloadable for offline use
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Mobile and Web access for LIFE
  • Confidence that you know your job is safe
  • A new ability to monitor and stay up to date with all the new technologies
  • Not just vague descriptions but specific, step-by-step instructions that cover everything
  • A huge advantage that will keep you employed even when your industry is threatened
  • Four sections on huge industries of the future and how you can get employed in them

A Taste Of What You Will Learn

  • What types of AI, Robotics and Automation currently exist - and no, they're not humanoid ones
  • The effects AI, Robotics and Automation have on the workforce... and I'm not talking about in the future either!
  • Why industries and especially laws are having huge issues too
  • The astonishing fact about how fast tech is changing - most people are oblivious to this!
  • The types of changes that are being seen in education and learning... and why they're important even if you've finished Uni
  • What continuous learning is and why top performers do it
  • A step-by-step strategy for setting up and monitoring emerging technologies
  • How to know if an emerging new technology is stupid or critical
  • How to use new technology to get a promotion - even if you're new to the workforce
  • How to identify new opportunities quickly and efficiently
  • A new way to structure your life so you're never unemployed again
  • How to recognise when your job will be made redundant (HINT: Top performers are experts at this and can see it coming a mile away!)

How To Stay Employed In The Robotic Future also includes...

A special section, entirely dedicated to bringing you fully up to speed with what robotics and automation is like today.

This section not only covers well know examples, but also digs deep into lesser known - but very important - use cases. It also covers a critical shift that will be taking shape once autonomous cars become more widespread.

This shift will have far reaching impacts from the oil industry and economies that depend on it, right through to anyone involved in Public Transport, private transport, Telecommunications or the car industry.

On top of this special section you also get hours of in depth, personal videos outlining exactly how the strategy works as well as everything you need each step of the way. You'll get access to dozens and dozens of these amazing lessons in Full HD (1080p) quality that will help you to become an expert on predicting and analysing new technology shifts.

Course Curriculum

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  Section 10 - Bonus Content - More Fast Growing Industries Of The Future
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different to other material out there?
To be quite frank this course is very unique. There simply is no other material out there like it as the vast majority of automation or robotic reading focuses solely on describing the oncoming disruptions rather than presenting an actionable strategy on what you can do about it. How To Stay Employed In The Robotic Future is unique because it teaches you how to manage this disruption rather than spreading fear and negativity due to technological advancements. No where else will you get a real life instruction set on how to identify and avoid your job being automated or entirely destroyed by new developments.
What sort of results will I get?
After completing this course you will be a lot more up to date on current robotic and automation abilities. You will also have a solid understanding of the current technology advancements that are causing significant disruption in today's workforce. You will also have a robust strategy to help ensure that no matter what industry you're in or what job you have, you will be able to monitor and see these disruptions coming and then transition smoothly into another position before you loose your job to it.
How does the course work?
This course contains hours of course video which you can view either online via your computer or on your mobile. These videos demonstrate and explain all the material throughout the course. You can pause, skip or replay any section you want as much as you like to make sure you're 100% clear on everything. You can even download course videos and watch them later. There's even bonus material to give you everything right down to the last detail.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How much time does it take to do this course?
The full course should take around 5-6 hours to fully complete. While this might sound like a lot of work, this course also allows for more advanced students to skip ahead if they're more aware of current technology and automation. The extra content is then there for you to continue researching into current and far off future exciting fields.

Get started now!

Bonus Material

Even though this course already includes hours and hours of material I've added in even more! An extra, complementary set of videos that takes you through three other highly important industries of the future such as Machine Learning.

This bonus section includes a very quick, high level overview of the most important parts of each of the three industries. It also gives you starting points on where some of the best jobs are today and in the future.

These future industries are all as fully developed as the other examples given in the main course but are nonetheless very important if you really want to stay employed. They are all predicted to greatly expand over the coming decades and are key areas to consider moving your career into.


A Final Note

How often have you seen other people succeed?

We see others get the promotion... while we struggle.

We see exciting new technologies that everyone else is involved in.

We get worried about our jobs any time the company has a "restructuring".

Worst of all most people have no idea how to identify, let alone deal with a true threat from automation or robotics when it comes to their day job. Everyone "knows" it's a problem but what do you do about it?

Most people either ignore the problem or worse, become incredibly bitter and negative. They fight their company and resist the changes which ends up creating a self fulfilling prophecy where they get fired!

How many times have you seen coworkers get made redundant or let go due to restructures, not enough work or other reasons which could easily be traced back to automation or a declining industry due to disruption?

Now imagine your own life 10-20 years in the future.

What happens if you don't do anything differently? Will your industry get torn apart by a new App, a new revolution, a new combination of existing technologies? Maybe you sense that's already happening now...

You don't have to live with that stress and fear everyday. I've gone through the process of mapping out these up and coming industries and how they can help you live a happier life in a more successful career.

These aren't throw away tricks or news articles either. This strategy and the surrounding material can be used for life. Whether it's to improve your career now or help you again in 10 years time, you have access to all the videos and content forever.

So do you think it's wise to continue to wait?

Next year could be too late... disruption moves fast!

Get started now!